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  • Anhui Chizhou Sincerity Chemicals Co., Ltd.
        95% diazinon technical materia
        95% Pyridaphenthion technical
        50% Diazinon missible oil
        40% Chlorpyrifos,E.C
        20% pyrdaphenthione EC
        ST-2 single-package cathode el
        ST-3 environmental friendly ty...
        SCT-0301 double component cath
    40% dimethoate EC
    Chemical name: 40% dimethoate EC
    40% dimethoate EC is yellow brown transparent oily liquid; no clear suspended solids and sediment; density: 1.06
    Product features: broad-spectrum insecticide and acaricide with powerful contact action and stomach poisoning action;
    appropriate for paddy, cotton, fruit tree, vegetable, tea tree and etc.
    yellow sticky liquid;
    easily soluble in water and most organic solvents